Rev. 3.50 – 2018-11-71

  1. Bug Fixes

  2. Improvements


Rev. 3.40 – 2016-03-21

  1. Bug Fixes

  2. Improvements


Rev. 3.32 – 2014-12-04

  1. Bug Fixes

  1. Improvements


Rev. 3.31 – 2013-03-13

  1. Bug Fixes

  1. Improvements


Rev. 3.30 2012-08-08

1. Bug Fixes


2. Improvements

Folder icon on toolbar now maps to Project->Folder.  Eliminates confusion.

REV. 3.20 2012-02-28

1. Bug Fixes

1. Insert Function Block sometimes failed to catch the selected FB.


REV. 3.10 2011-06-22

1. Bug Fixes

1. Buffer overrun with long signal names fixed.

2. Function Block pin allocations cleared at start of Wire Check.  This means that if a pin which was previously connected is now left open, it will no longer inherit the old connection.  This gave rise to invisible malfunctions in some diagrams which had been extensively modified. Now, what you see on the diagram is what you get.

3. mfc100u.dll and msvcr100.dll are now included in the installer package and will be installed in the Program Files->AmbiLogic folder.  On systems where these DLLs are not installed by default, the deficiency is addressed.  On systems where incompatible versions of these DLLs are installed, the appropriate DLLs will be found first by the AmbiLogic software.

REV. 3.00 2011-05-02

1. Bug Fixes

1. Numerous incompatibilities between Unicode and Windows file management system fixed.

2. Vista-specific file path management issues worked around.

3. Memory leaks located and fixed - multiple "Project->Folder" operations now possible.

4. Internal string management upgraded to "secure" functions.

5. Broken links in help system fixed.

6. Auto-cranking bug in right-to-left wires fixed.

2. Improvements

1. Visual Studio 2010 look and feel.

2. Tabbed windows for easier navigation around the project.

3. Undockable toolbar for convenience.

4. Help system upgraded to compiled HTML for easier and smoother navigation: external browser no longer needed.

5. Help content revised to reflect changes in software, and to improve readability. Many new illustrations added.

6. Improved diagram sheet naming and "New Document" auto-naming to provide for consistency in projects with more than 9 sheets.

7. Main menu rearranged into more logical order.

8. New popup menu when empty space right-clicked provides Redraw, WireCheck, Save and SaveAs functions.

9. Windows Installer configuration improved.

10. Auto-cranking of Dec-lines removed. Lines can now be drawn at any angle.

11. Connection dots added to pins.  Easier to see where to connect wires to.

12. Connection dots on wire junctions makes diagrams clearer.

13. Removed the need to wire start-to-finish. Reversed wire segments will auto-correct.

3. ToDo on Current Release

1. All issues cleared

4. Library Upgrade

1. This release only ships with the CPDA-01 Rev 01 library file "CPDA0101.all"

2. This library includes all of the function blocks available in the earlier library "CPDA0100.all" but adds the PREVSCAN function block.  Earlier projects are completely compatible with the new library.

3. We have located all CPDA-01's with firmware which precedes the introduction of the PREVSCAN function and have upgraded them to compatible firmware.

4. Earlier projects can easily be upgraded to use the new library as follows:-

a. Navigate to the appropriate folder using the Project->Folder menu item and open the project control file "project.alp"

b. Ignore the warning about "cannot find library file CPDA0100.all"  Click OK.

c. The project loads, but the PROC flag on the status line reads "PROC=???" meaning that the processor library has not been loaded. In spite of this, the control diagram should display perfectly.

d. Use the Project->Processor menu item and select the only option which is "CPDA0101"

e. Use Project->Compile to rebuild the project.

f. The update is complete.  The new library will automatically be loaded next time you open the project.


5. Flagged for Future Releases

1. Persistent cursors (repeat addition) in Insert modes: Insert FB's, Insert Wires, Insert Text and Insert Lines

2. Edit Undo function to be activated.