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AmbiLogique Ltd

Electronics, Instrumentation, Control, Automation

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Company Profile

AmbiLogique is the New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

These controllers are used for the control of automatic machinery, industrial processes and building services such as lighting, heating, ventilation, access control and security.

AmbiLogique also designs and manufactures electronic steering systems for small ships, superyachts and medium-sized pleasure boats.

You can solve many other control problems by building in AmbiLogique embedded controllers, or by asking AmbiLogique to design a special for you.


AmbiLogic Pty Ltd was formed by Ray and Glenda Wales in September 2004 as a management buyout from Marchwood Technologies Ltd in the UK. Ray was formerly Technical Director of Marchwood and has over 40 years experience of electronic controllers for a wide variety of industrial purposes.

The first AmbiLogic product, announced by Marchwood Technologies in 1993, was a range of high-integrity logic blocks aimed at offshore fire and gas protection. The AmbiLogic name was derived from "A Much Better Idea," and was registered as a Trade Mark in the UK in 1994.

Throughout the '90s and up to the present, AmbiLogic key staff have been involved in the design and production of a large number of diverse industrial controllers for a variety of different industries and applications. A great effort was made to standardize much of the microprocessor core of these controllers and the firmware which went into them. In particular, a simple but powerful and reliable operating system core was developed, and a continuing design study was run to arrive at an embedded PLC solution for future control systems.

In September 2011, the company relocated to New Zealand, and acquired its new name,


The result of this history and work is today’s AmbiLogique PLCs and other control products.