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AmbiLogique has been involved in the marine control and steering business since 2005, working mainly with Hy-Drive Engineering Pty Ltd of South Australia who make the mechanical and hydraulic components, and perform systems integration and survey compliance.

At top right is the AmbiLogique controller used in the smaller vessels (this normally lives in a waterproof box).  This provides steer control only, but allows for 3 separate steering stations which are pushbutton selectable.  Each station can be fitted with an electronic steering wheel or a follow-up lever.  The controller will handle dual independent rudders, and will electronically synchronise them.  It also allows emergency joysticks and an external autopilot to be linked in.  Outputs are provided for dual rudder angle indicators, and a wheel angle indicator.

Second from top is a typical large-vessel steer control cabinet.  When used in conjunction with appropriate motor control boxes (also designed and manufactured by AmbiLogique), it provides for full hydraulic pump control and monitoring in addition to the steering facilities of the stand-alone system above.  Based on AmbiLogique PLCs, these systems are extremely flexible and can be designed and programmed to meet a wide range of applications.

The two pictures below that show two of the custom control panels made for Hy-Drive by AmbiLogique.  These are fully waterproof, and incorporate backlights and auto-dimmed indicator LEDs.  The larger panel is bus-connected to the AmbiLogique PLC; the smaller panel is directly wired and therefore uses a 12-core cable instead of the 5 cores used in bus connections.

The bottom picture is of a rudder splitter unit which connects a single-output autopilot to dual independent rudders, to provide electronic synchronisation of the two rudders.  This is particularly important in twin-hull vessels where it is inconvenient or impossible to provide mechanical links between the two rudders.

These are some examples of the many different control systems designed and manufactured for the marine industry by AmbiLogique.