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 Revision 3.50 of AmbiLogique’s PLC Support Software AmbiL_PLC.exe

Release Notes are here.


AmbiL_PLC.exe is designed to run on most Microsoft Windows® systems.  It has also been shown to run successfully in these environments:-


PLC Project Examples

Each example is contained in a zip file, which is the image of a project folder.  Unload the zip file into a suitable folder on your system, then you can open the project with AmbiL_PLC.

The control diagrams are also printed out in PDF format so that you can view or print them directly.

Function Block List

Every Function Block available on the AmbiLogique PLCs, illustrated and explained.       ZIP    PDF

Starting Point

A template project with all the inputs and outputs already loaded and formatted.         ZIP    PDF


The simplest Control Diagram ever - just links outputs to inputs.                                     ZIP    PDF

Test and Calibration Program

Every AmbiLogique PLC is shipped with this diagram, which allows all the I/O to be calibrated. Accesses and Expansion Module too.                   ZIP    PDF

Motor Start

DOL Starter with both programmed and wired safety locks                                          ZIP    PDF

More PLC Project Examples

Fire Alarm

Zoning and Voting logic, visible and audible alarms with Acknowledge and Silence logic.     ZIP    PDF

Corridor Lighting

Controlling lighting in a corridor with multiple switch points.                                           ZIP    PDF

Lighting as above with timer             ZIP    PDF

Fire Alarm

Zoning and Voting logic, visible and audible alarms with Acknowledge and Silence.         ZIP    PDF

Hotel Room Privacy

Privacy and Door-locking logic for a Hotel Room.

                                                    ZIP    PDF

Washing Machine

Sequencer logic using a washing machine as an example.                                      ZIP    PDF

Traffic Lights

Simple timed lights                       ZIP    PDF

With Doppler and threshold detect   ZIP    PDF