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AmbiLogique offers you the opportunity to have control systems custom-designed and manufactured for you.  We can design, manufacture, program, document - whatever you need.

Based on AmbiLogique’s capability to produce PLC’s, custom controllers and control boxes and cabinets, we have built complete systems for both the industrial and marine industries.

The linked pages provide some examples.

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems

This is a block diagram of a machine which takes stainless steel strip, punches holes in it at precise spacing, roll-forms it into a curved profile, spools it up into sale lengths and cuts to length.  The whole machine is controlled by an AmbiLogique PLC Starter kit with 2 Expansion Modules.

Marine Steer & Control Systems

Marine Steering and Control Systems

This photo shows an upper-echelon yacht harbour with a Sunseeker 37 metre in the foreground.  This, and many of its companions, are steered by Hy-Drive hydraulics and AmbiLogique control systems.  These systems incorporate both standard AmbiLogique PLC’s and modules and control panels custom designed and manufactured by AmbiLogique.