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Electronics, Instrumentation, Control, Automation

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AmbiLogique Data Sheets

AmbiL_PLC.exe: AmbiLogique PLC Support Software.

PLC Starter Kits SKDA-02-xx.

BP-xx PLC Backplanes.

POCO-01 Power + Communications Module.

CPDA-02 PLC Processor Module.

EXDA-01 PLC Expansion Module.

EXDA-4201 PLC Expansion Module 4-20 mA.

CPDA-99 Embedded PLC.

PC-1041 Touch-Screen Computer.

AmbiLogique Application Notes

Migrating Existing Projects to AmbiL_PLC 3.40 .

Standards Documents

The ARTPC Multi-Drop Serial Communications Protocol: Compact, Fast, Reliable, Printable, Low Software Overhead.

Legal Items

Hardware Warranty

Software Warranty

Returns and Refunds