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AmbiLogique offers you the opportunity to have control panels custom-designed and manufactured for you.  We can design, manufacture, program, document - whatever you need.  Here are some examples.

This is an example of a compact control box incorporating an AmbiLogique PLC.  This also includes a DC variable-speed drive.  This box controls the twine feed on a baler, and uses multiple timers and counters to control the number of turns, and the pitch of the twine binding on a rotary baler.

This larger cabinet forms a rudder splitter which allows single-channel autopilots to correctly control twin rudders, for example on twin-hull boats like the 34 metre Profab shown in the gallery at top left.  This unit uses the AmbiLogique PLC to generate a dummy rudder signal which is fed back to the autopilot.  Two independent follow-up circuits then synchronise each rudder to the dummy.  The circuit board at the bottom is an amplifier and trim module for the two rudder feedback transducers.

Control Cabinets for Marine Steering.

The cabinet at left is an early design in which the two DOL starter chains for the 3-phase pump motors are incorporated into the cabinet.  In addition, the PLC and configuration switch box provide a complete follow-up steering system with a number of remote steering stations.

The pictures at right (top: under construction; bottom: finished) show a more recent example in which the 3-phase controls are in separate boxes, leaving the SELV controls alone in the Steer Control Cabinet.

The two grey boxes are the Configuration Switch boxes.  These are based on a custom AmbiLogique printed circuit board which carries all of the switches and their interconnections together with spring terminals for the internal wiring.  In this example there are 2 of these boxes, one for each rudder.