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AmbiLogique offers you the opportunity to have electronic controllers custom-designed for you.  Often incorporating a PLC operating kernel and operating system, these controllers are future-proofed because you can modify and update the control diagram at will.  Here are some examples of customer specials.

This is the Engine Management Unit (EMU) which AmbiLogique designed and manufactures for Auroa Helicopters Ltd.  At left is the complete unit installed on the turbine engine, and at right is a view of the internals.  Dual redundancy is everywhere: the PLC-based control board is duplicated, power feeds and converters are duplicated, and communications with the Airframe Monitoring Unit (AMU) are also duplicated.

The AMU is also an AmbiLogique designed and manufactured unit.  Among its many functions it incorporates a Flight Data Recorder with a 140-hour history.

This is a self-contained electro-hydraulic steering controller for Hy-Drive Engineering Pty Ltd.  This is used with their hydraulic steering kits to provide follow-up steering for single- or dual-rudder vessels.  The system provides for up to 3 remote steering stations (control panel shown at right).  Each control station can have wheel or lever steering, and dual rudders are electronically synchronised.  The controller provides for an autopilot connection, and rudder and wheel angle indicators.  Spot the CPDA-99 Embedded PLC !

Here is another AmbiLogique custom control panel for Hy-Drive.  This is used on larger marine steering installations, where control and monitoring of the hydraulic pumps is needed in addition to the steer-select operations.  These control panels incorporate backlights, and auto-dimming of the indicator LED’s.  This panel is connected to and powered from the AmbiLogique PLC backplane, and can be sited up to a hundred metres from the PLC core.

This is a one-off temperature cycler designed and manufactured by AmbiLogique.  It is used to harden and calibrate Hall probes used in magnetometers.  A stack of Peltier modules mounted on a blown heat sink allows temperature ranges of -20 to +60 °C to be generated and maintained.  Temperature cycles are controlled and logged by the AmbiLogique PLC, and the whole unit can be connected to a PC for extended control and long-term logging.  An AmbiLogique-designed LabVIEW® program provides an attractive and ergonomic interface, whilst the PC provides connectivity and hard storage facilities.