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Solenoid Arc Suppression

AmbiLogique PLC’s with their POCO-01 Power/Comms modules will run happily on plug-top power supplies, linear or switch-mode. For example, Jaycar’s MP-3147 (12V 0.4A), MP-3486 (12V 1,5A) and MP-3494 (24V 1.25A) will run these PLC’s, together with their loads, superbly.

Some customers run AmbiLogique PLC’s on solar-charged battery supplies.  One customer successfully used an unsmoothed transformer-rectifier set, although we do not recommend that!

A variety of USB-to-serial adaptors can be used to connect a PC to an AmbiLogique PLC.  We recommend adaptors based on the FTDI chipset, because the drivers for these are now incorporated into most operating systems.  If the drivers are not incorporated, they can be downloaded free-of-charge from the FTDI website.


SASN-02 Solenoid Arc Suppression Module

Solenoid Arc Suppression is an important issue when DC inductive loads are switched off.  Without suppression, a large flyback voltage spike is generated which can destroy the switching device.  AmbiLogique transistor outputs on PLC’s and Expansion Modules incorporate VDR (varistor) suppression, however rapid switching of high-energy loads such as hydraulic solenoid valves will burn out these VDR’s.

The normal approach is to fit a diode across the solenoid.  This causes the current in the solenoid to decay slowly, and produces a significant lag when the solenoid is released.  This delay will make hydraulic or pneumatic follow-up systems unstable.

AmbiLogique’s SASN-02 4-channel module avoids both these problems by combining RC suppression with a massive VDR in each solenoid circuit.  This provides rapid release together with excellent suppression of flyback spikes.  Please click on the picture to read more in the data sheet.

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