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2021-08-30 New AmbiL_PLC.exe Support Software Revision 3.50

AmbiL_PLC 3.50 is now available from this website.  This carries a number of improvements to ease of use, and deals with some minor annoyances.

AmbiL_PLC is designed to run on Microsoft Windows® computers and has also been demonstrated to run successfully on:-

2020-05-01 AmbiLogiue has moved

AmbiiLogique is now in Stratford in a neat office/lab/workshop complex in the Stratford Business Centre.

2016-06-23 CPDA-02 Performance Uplift

The floating-point math package in the Ambilogique PLCs was already fast, but a major update has made it even faster.  As a result of this, the CPDA-02 is now upgraded from a 400 function block capacity to 800 !  This is over 3 times the capacity of the original CPDA-01, which it supersedes.

2016-02-21 New K-Factor Facility on CPDA-02

The new CPDA-02 introduces K-Factors, a new method of inserting constants into control diagrams.

The original method, based on supplying a numeric label on an incoming cross-reference, continues to be available.  This method has the disadvantage that a change to a constant requires the re-compilation and upload of the entire control diagram: a process which takes several seconds.

The new K-Factors live in a separate block of flash memory: each K-Factor has a specific address which you determine.  The description, minimum, maximum and starting values are written into a plain-text script file which you can edit using any plain-text editor.

AmbiL_PLC, the support software, now incorporates a dedicated editor for K-Factors which is enabled for those processors which support K-Factors.  Please refer to the AmbiL_PLC data sheet for details.

Changing a K-Factor is now a simple change to a value in the K-Factors Editor, and the upload to the PLC only takes a fraction of a second.

2016-02-20 New Processor Module CPDA-02

The new CPDA-02 is a plug-in replacement for the original CPDA-01 Processor Module which formed the backbone of the SKDA-01 PLC Starter Kits.  These Starter Kits are now designated SKDA-02.

The CPDA-02 supports larger control diagrams (400 function blocks compared with 225 in the CPDA-01) whilst running at the same scan rate, and provides an additional method (K-Factors) of introducing constants into a control diagram.

The CPDA-02 is the same price as the CPDA-01, so the CPDA-01 is discontinued and will no longer be available.


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